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Erica & Gaelan's Westcoast Elopement

At the beginning of November I got to spend a day back on the Westcoast with E & G for their elopement.

The forecast called for 50mm+ of rain and that made me nervous since I wasn’t sure how they’d react to the rain. Within minutes of showing up it was evident that there was no reason to be, as these two were incredibly laid back and were doing their ceremony in such a stunning spot. Also, the power had gone off in their AirBnb and it didn’t seem to phase them getting ready in the dark (a very good sign).

As one of three witnesses, this ceremony touched me in a way that I haven’t experienced before. I said to E & G afterwards that it was the most touching elopement I’d ever been a part of, and I meant it wholeheartedly.

We decided to drive 25 minutes from the ceremony to ensure we would have a beach to ourselves, and it was so worth it. As soon as Erica’s feet touched the sand she truly looked like the happiest girl in the world - dancing, running around, “woo-ing”, and not giving a f**k about the howling winds throwing us all over the place. Basically, we spent a half hour at the beach laughing and feeling like we were in our own little world. There were tear stains on my windburned face afterwards. AND somehow the rain stopped for the exact window we were on the beach and I drove home in torrential downpour..

Thank you again to these two for having me there - it was so dang special. You asked for a westcoast elopement, and you got it!