Photos by Nora


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Craig & Laura in -27 degrees

Did the title grab your attention? It should have.

After spending a winter in Montreal, I felt confident I knew what a Canadian winter day really felt like. Maybe I’ve blocked out the severity of it though, because nothing could have prepared me to shoot in Ottawa in -27 degrees with wind chill. I had researched places to shoot C & L before my trip, but when we arrived at 7am the morning of we were surprised to see the “beach” had at least a meter of soft snow on the ground. We tried our best to make the most of it (the first outfit series) - but quickly after a “warm up break” in the car we decided to.. well.. give up. We stopped at Tim Hortons for a moral-boost too.

We were driving back towards the city and I was frantically racking my brain for where the heck we could salvage the shoot. Craig made the call to pull over on the side of the highway back, I put on some tunes, and these two absolutely embraced it. We were just happy not to be knee deep in snow.

This is truly what embracing the elements looks like!