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Autumn in the Alpine

One morning in early November I checked the weather and it hit me - if I wanted to get back to the alpine before the snow hit I'd have to act fast. A few hours and a few arguments later, Marcus and I were heading out of town, takeout fries in our laps, and rushing to summit before the sun went down. 

We made the right call. I have always loved fall colours, but my god was the alpine ever giving us a show. The reds, oranges, and yellows stuck out in the sea of evergreen. 


I tripped over my own feet a few times because I was distracted by the beauty that was all around us. I think Marcus started responding to my "oh my godddd it's SO beautiful!"'s with "So beautiful!!", but after a while it was something along the lines of "Yep.. mhmm". 

When we got to the summit we were elated - despite the thick layers of cloud around us. Luckily things changed quickly and we witnessed an unreal sunset. 

As soon as the sun went down a layer of moisture fell over everything. We quickly heated up some potato leek soup and some real fatty sausages - warming us from head to toe. We hopped in the tent and that began the longest night either of us had had. The howling wind and thudding rain hit against the wall of the tent all night (thank you MSR Elixir for keeping us safe). 

Still, what a trip. As tired and grumpy as we were, we made it down and called it an amazing trip.

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